After preparing an in-house payroll for 40 plus years we finally decided to make the switch to an outside payroll service.  We thought going with an industry leader would be the safest route and so we selected the biggest company out there to take on our payroll service. Were we ever wrong!! The Customer service was horrible. It took many phone calls and days to resolve even the simplest of issues.  We felt like a number, not a client.  It didn’t take long however to realize our mistake and to fix it.

Personally recommended by our accountant and after interviewing several other firms, we switched over to Starpay after just one year with the previous company. We were immediately delighted with the personal touch and friendly service. Now, processing the weekly payroll has gone from a dreaded task each week to a smooth efficient process. When unexpected payroll issues arise, and they almost always do, we know that we can pick up the phone and speak to a friendly, helpful associate right then and there, no pesky voice mail trades back and forth or e-mails that have gone unanswered.  Tony by the way is just great!  The best part is that Cheryl Frankel and the team she has built has become a trusted partner who is helping us focus on growing our business instead of wasting time on housekeeping tasks like our payroll! Thanks Starpay!

Mark S – Satisfied Starpay client

The Artina Group Inc